Adventures for Kids!

JackkidstripAvailable May through August. All kid’s adventures include snacks, drinks and a qualified guide. Sandals with back strap or water shoes must be worn by all kids, on all trips, at all times.

Ask about our new kid’s adventure – sailing & surfing!

Dolphin Encounter

Kids hop on our Captain’s boat for a fun trip to scout for dolphins. The crew will learn dolphin facts, call up the dolphins and visit Little St. George Island for a hermit crab race. This is a kid’s trip only and they do have FUN!!!
$50 per child, 5-16 years old

Creature Feature

Take a powerboat trip to a deserted island and learn how to castnet, seine net and dip net. Catch marine critters galore! Identify and release them back into their natural environment.
$60 per child, 7-15 years old

Kid’s Fishing Adventure

Kids learn to bait, hook and release redfish, catfish, shark and trout. This is great for beginners. Kids only!
$75 per child, 7-15 years old

Critter Swamp Walk

The critter hunters will be given nets and buckets to collect minnows, crabs, shrimp and other marine critters in our pristine estuary. Their competent guide will identify creatures, share facts about them and release them back into their environment.
$30 per child, 7-15 years old